Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an item from Lafay Luxe you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and additional policies of this site.

Data and information submitted are accesbile to third party sites that are connected to the site such as mailing subscriptions and payment apps.

Pricing may increase/flucuate overtime due to cost of additinal services and particular stock avaialbilities.

Due to us being a small business there will be limit on the amount of items per product that can be purchased to avoid fraud attempts. Suspicious orders will be canceled. If any event an attempt to redact funds after recieving an order is made, further investigations and additional fillings will follow.

It is important to read the notes and additional ingredients of certain products to avoid confusion and possible irritation or concerns.

As you procced with your order to checkout be sure to understand their will be no refunds or exchanges after your order has been shipped. 

If your order has not been shipped and you believe you made a mistake please send an email immediaetly so possible changes can be made.

Keep in mind that you are responsible for the address you apply at checkout. Be sure to confrim your information prior to confriming your purchase.

All orders are handmade and what is currently available will be in stock. For pre-orders we attempt to get all orders out within a 10-14 day period.

In the case of emergencies that apply to your order an alert will be made through email about additional accomodations.

This is a small woman owened business ran by one individual person. Please be patient and feel free to email  for any additional concerns and questions.